CB rental - Emergency and security radios

Over the years, new standards, such as the Protocol APCO25, have been implemented in the field of radio communications. This standard has been established to guide manufacturers on the development of new products in the domain of public safety. OEMs, therefore, have become committed to developing interoperable devices with a secure protocol and features such as the integration of GPS; data transfer; text messages; telemetry and high-level encryptions. Robustness, ergonomics and even the arrival of bright color radios have allowed optimal deployment in extreme conditions. With all of these available communication options, it can be increasingly difficult to select the proper security radio for your specific needs; Accès Communications has the knowledge to help you find the perfect match.

The dedicated technical staff at Accès Communications will bring you the solutions you need. With our expertise and our track record of successfully implemented solutions, our team will respond in a fast and efficient manner

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Our expertise includes:

  • Design and Analysis of simple & complex systems
  • Coverage (Propagation) Studies
  • Integration and Installation of public safety systems
  • Equipment and OEM recommendations
  • Demonstration of Equipment
  • Comparison of different manufacturers
  • Inspection, monitoring, and verification of system integrity
  • Encryption Solutions
  • Protocol guideline consultation

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