VHF Radios rental - Film, video production and publicity

The T.V. and film production industry has a lot of different needs, and varies from project to project. Needs go from basic analog radios that require one channel, to digitally encrypted radios with several channels. Accès Communications provides all the necessary equipment that will attain your specific needs. We can encrypt devices so that the paparazzi in the parking lot cannot hear private conversations. Also, if you need earpieces for discretion on the set, we have a vast range of accessories that you can choose from.

With our exchange policy, a new functional piece of equipment will be sent to you to replace any faulty device within 24 hours. The show must go on!

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Key features for the film & television industry

·     Fast delivery

·    Vast range of accessories and radios

·   Available frequency

·   Ergonomics of equipment

·  Supply flexibility

·  More than 16,000 radios in stock

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