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APX7500 - Consolette - Multi Band - Mid Power
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APX7500 - Consolette - Multi Band - Mid Power

Digital / Analog, P25


Quick overview

The APX 7500 multi-band radio delivers instant interoperability into the hands of mission critical first responders. Motorola's fourth generation P25 mobile radio is capable of multi-band interoperability and can operate in any two of the following frequency bands (700/800 MHz ,VHF, UHF Range 1, and UHF Range 2). It provides backwards and forwards compatibility (FDMA and TDMA) and integrated GPS for outdoor location tracking. The APX 7500 offers a complete control head portfolio with 5 options, giving users the flexibility to choose the control head that best meets their operational needs. Designed with mission critical technology, the radio amplifies public safety officials' ability to keep the community safer than ever before.

  • Multi Band
  • 2,000 Channels
  • Encryption
  • Integrated GPS
  • OTAR Programming
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