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The world of wireless communication has evolved since the invention of the original walkie-talkie in the first half of the twentieth century. This instrument is probably related to your childhood memories. Who did not play with walkie-talkie in his early childhood? No matter how you refer to it, this small portable radio has revolutionized the world of telecommunication. Created by the company Motorola in 1940, the name of this object simply refers to its use: walking while talking. First intended for American soldiers, the walkie-talkie has quickly stormed a host of markets. So much so that nowadays it is very common to rent walkie-talkies for various uses.


Why rent a walkie-talkie with us?

The walkie-talkie is a versatile and very effective means of communication, especially in the case where communication has to take place between several people. The walkie-talkie is always under warranty when you rent it, even in the long term, unless there is an obvious physical break.


  • You will always have access to technical support in case of problems;
  • At the same time, you will never have the cost of maintenance or repair;
  • You can always count on one of our experts at your disposal during your activities or events;
  • Recurring rental is easier to budget;
  • You can deduct rental fees in full;
  • You will not have to fear to keep your equipment up to date, according to the technology that evolves constantly, we will do it for you!


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A solution adapted to your needs


Several types of events justify walkie-talkie rentals. You only have to think about banquets or receptions, exhibitions, festivals, filming, sports, corporate or cultural events, for example.

It is very important to consider the environment in which your event takes place before renting, in order to have a product adapted to your needs. Will the activities take place indoors or outdoors, where ambient noise is harder to control? The type of device will differ depending on the case.

Will your transmitters require short range or long range? Will you need two or ten devices? These basic questions are very important because they will determine the type of radios you will need.

Some devices also have special features, such as battery life or coverage. The environment can also determine the strength of the device.

Accès communications offers you an inventory of thousands of products and an impressive variety of packages at great prices. Contact our team to find the walkie-talkie that's right for you.

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