Walkie-Talkies and VHF Two-Way Radios Rental in Mississauga

For a reliable and secure communication, Accès Communications provides over 16 000 devices of radiocommunication in Mississauga. Whether it is for your concerts, festivals, manifestations, public work controls or construction and transport sites, a clear and efficient communication within your teams will be highly profitable.

Founded in 1996, Accès Communications has over 20 years of expertise in two-way radios rental, walkie-talkies, UHF and VHF radios and accessories in Mississauga. Our experts will try to understand your activities as best as they can in order to provide you with the best option of two-way radios and walkie-talkies rental perfectly adapted to your needs. Whether you are a peace officer, firefighter, security agent, cash-in-transit company, lifeguard, prison guard, project manager, logistics manager, etc., we will suggest you the best performing solution of radiocommunication equipment.


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Your benefits by renting walkie talkies in Mississauga

We have competitive prices for long-term rentals as well as for short-term rentals of radiocommunication devices in Mississauga. Our services also include a consulting service, installation and programming service and delivery service.

Our VHF radios and walkie-talkies rental services in Missisauga include :

  • VHF radios and walkie-talkies rental

  • Analog and digital relays rental

  • Maintenance of your devices during your events 

  • Programming of transmitter/receiver radios

  • 24 hours exchange policy

  • Free delivery everywhere in the United States and in Canada

  • An international partnership with Motorola Solutions


Ask for a quote and get an answer within 24 hours. For an urgent quote, please call 1-866-735-2424 and rent your two-way VHF and UHF radios in Missisauga faster.


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