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How to use and talk through a walkie talkie?

February 21, 2022
3 minutes

Whether you operate in a mining operation, on a construction site or in a large-scale event, you need to communicate with your team effectively. Surrounding noise, situational stress or even interference can make radio communications sometimes difficult.

Two-way radio solutions are used in both daily routine and emergency situations. In this sense, communication via a walkie-talkie must therefore be organized, clear and fast to be effective.

Walkie-talkie communication must be prepared. Whether it's sending first responders, coordinating your teams in the field, reliable, efficient and clear communications are necessary for the smooth running of your operations.

We will see how to use Motorola walkie-talkie properly.


How to talk on a walkie-talkie?

Unlike mobile or fixed telephony, a walkie-talkie does not allow the two parties to speak at the same time (full-duplex), the frequency being occupied. This is called half-duplex communication. In addition, two-way radio solutions allow an unlimited number of interlocutors on the same frequency. These two elements are the reasons why properly organizing the communication protocol is essential in order to prepare your teams for moments that matter.

Designed for instinctive use, these devices are relatively easy to use. However, here are different tips that we offer our customers when renting a Motorola walkie-talkie:

  • Designate a person called “base” or “central”, responsible for making calls first, in the event of a critical event to be announced.
  • Give a name to each of the interlocutors of the walkie-talkie group. In the event of homonym or the need for discretion, nicknames may be used. You can, for example, name the contact persons by the place where each is placed.
  • Introduce yourself before conveying your message. A call can start as follows: “Martin, at the base”, or “Martin at the center” thanks to a simple press on the push-to-talk button.
  • Respond "I'm listening" or "I'm receiving", if the call is for you.
  • Close his message with “finished”.

Beyond this procedure, it is advisable to respect a few rules of good practice:

  • Speak clearly and speak loudly. Your contacts can be in a noisy environment or your walkie-talkie may have background noise. These elements can make it difficult to understand your message.
  • Stay professional in communications.
  • Rephrase your sentence when asked to repeat.

Walkie-talkie language: commonly used messages for speaking with a walkie-talkie

The integration of natural language voice expressions, designed to be understood the first time without confusion, helps your teams to function better. Here are some commonly used expressions in the walkie-talkie communication protocol:

  • Affirmative = Yes
  • Negative = No
  • Message = I have an informal message for you.
  • Send message = Go ahead, I'm ready to transcribe your call in writing
  • Speak = I have finished my   I am waiting for an answer.
  • Finished = I have finished my transmission and I do not expect a response.
  • Received = I received your last transmission.
  • Preview = I have received your message, I understand it, and I am responding to your request.
  • Radio control = Can you hear me correctly?

The radio interface is easy to use, even in the most difficult situations. It favors simplicityclarity and speed - whatever the situation. The key is a good preparation of the teams for the use of walkie-talkies as well as a good coordination of the teams during the deployment in the field.

In addition, the Motorola walkie-talkie accessories supplied allow you to communicate optimally with all of your recipients, while having your hands free.

Every second counts, no matter where the walkie-talkies are used, whether it's a routine task or a quick response to an emergency.

At Accès Radio, we provide all types of sectors with two-way radio solutions, from the construction sector to municipalities and public institutions. Our rental program provides rugged Motorola walkie-talkies.

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