Two-Way Radios Rental Services

Equipment is guaranteed for the duration of the contract and will be replace within 24hours should there be any performance issue.
- You will receive a 100% fiscal deduction yearly.
- We offer you the opportunity to change technology during the duration of your existing contract with Accès Communications under the same terms.
- Your material will always meet optimal performances.
- No maintenance or reparation fee.
- Our inventory system is one of the best. You will not need to worry about keeping inventory for the duration of your contract.

16,000 radios

Choose a date, any date. Our stock is big enough to accommodate any event size, at any time.

Easy Exchange

Our 24-hour exchange policy is very useful. No time-out, no headaches.

Free delivery

Free delivery of all your radios throughout the United States and Canada

Get a quote for the rental of two-ways radios

Get a response to your message within 24 hours! For an urgent request, call us at 1 866 735-2424.

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