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When shooting and producing films and commercials, you need reliable and secure communication.


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Benefit from the many advantages to work with Accès Communications for your walkie-talkies and two-way radios rental :

Easy to budget
Using your operating budget
Tax deduction of up to 100% of the total price of your rental
Keep the most of your cash flow for your expansion projects
No maintenance and repair additional fees
Easy exchange and replacement policy, without any additional cost

High quality walkie-talkies adapted to your reality

Rental of walkie-talkies for filming and production of films and advertisements

Our walkie-talkie rental program for production and movie and commercial companies will provide you with high quality Motorola analog and digital two-way radios. We have an inventory of 16,000 two-way radios at your disposal, guaranteeing you a short and long term response to your walkie-talkie needs, whatever the volume.

With our 24 hour exchange policy, you will have a fresh functional piece of equipment sent out to replace any faulty equipment within 24 hours. No downtime, no headaches… we focus on the radios, you focus on your film & television projects.

Walkie-talkie rental for production companies

Nous pouvons configurer les radios bidirectionnelles par cryptage afin que le paparazzi dans le stationnement ne puisse entendre les conversations privées. Lors de la location de radios bidirectionnelles, Accès Communications vous fournit les accessoires de walkie-talkie nécessaires. Si vous avez besoin de coquilles à l’oreille pour la communication discrète sur le plateau de tournage, nos conseillers sauront vous proposer les meilleurs accessoires de walkie-talkie pour combler vos besoins.

The Film Industry has many needs depending on the project. From basic analog radio requiring 1 channel, to digitally encrypted radios with multi-channel operation, Accès Communications can supply it all. We can configure the two-way radios by encryption so that the paparazzi in the parking lot cannot hear private conversations. When renting two-way radios, Accès Communications provides you with the necessary walkie-talkie accessories. If you require a selection of discrete earpieces for on-set 'quiet’ communication, our advisors can provide you with the best walkie-talkie accessories to meet your needs.


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Key features for the film & television industry

  • 24 hour exchange policy
  • No downtime, no headaches
  • Inventory of over 16,000 reliable radio units and accessories
  • Quick delivery
  • Complete ranges of accessories and radios
  • Frequency availability
  • Ergonomics of equipment
  • Supply flexibility
  • Installation
  • Encryption
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