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About us

Recognized leader and specialist in the radio communication industry, Accès Communications meets the diverse needs of public safety, government and other businesses. Walkie-talkie rental services for all types of organizations and any length of time.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer the opportunity to increase productivity and efficiency to customers from all spheres of activity by using first quality products designed for their specific needs. Important Channel Partner and distributor of high-quality Motorola products, Accès Communications is renowned for its expertise. Whether you need a simple communication system, a trunking system, a security system, a point-to-point wireless system or a specialized network; Accès Communications has the in-depth knowledge and expertise to help!

We have a rental fleet of over 16,000 analog and digital MOTOROLA portable radios, as well as a wide range of audio accessories. This means that, at Accès Communications, we can address all customer requests and network configurations.

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Why Accès

Due to its exceptional positioning of transmission sites as well as the high grade professional equipment installed, Accès Communications can assure all your communications will have a first class sound quality. We design complete communication systems; integrate new components to existing systems and offer telecommunication solutions for all types of businesses and events. For more than 20 years, Accès Communications designs, integrates and recommends radio communication solutions that enhance operations.

Rental request
Easier to budget
Tax deduction up to 100% of the total of your rental contract
No repair or maintenance costs
Use of your operational budget
Free replacement of faulty devices and accessories
Guaranteed devices for the duration of the contract
More than 16,000 radios in stock
Digital and analog technology available
Easy exchange
World-renowned manufacturers

Where we started

In 1996, Accès Communications entered the radio communication industry. By making strategic acquisitions during the early 2000s, we consolidated our position as one of the radio communication companies with the most extensive inventory of two-way radio devices in North America.

The year 2009 marked the beginning and deployment of our interprovincial digital network using Motorola's MotoTRBO technology.

Thanks to our determination, vision and our level of customer service, we are recognized today in the industry as a leader in the sales and rental of radio communication equipment.

Where we’re headed

By offering high-quality products and solutions, our goal is to increase the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of our long-term business partners. Relying on our personnel’s expertise and knowledge, we are determined to become the North American leader in telecommunications and in pioneering wireless communication technology. Ours customers are our priority. Our employees make us proud. Our strength lies in our wide range of solutions.

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