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School transport and transportation

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The transportation sector is under increasing pressure to meet fast delivery times for goods and ensure passenger safety.

Increase productivity and coordinate the movement of passengers, employees and cargo with clear, continuous communications. Interconnect your sites and people with immediate access to important data in real time, so they can provide the best customer service.

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Benefit from the many advantages to work with Accès Communications for your walkie-talkies and two-way radios rental :

Easy to budget
Using your operating budget
Tax deduction of up to 100% of the total price of your rental
Keep the most of your cash flow for your expansion projects
No maintenance and repair additional fees
Easy exchange and replacement policy, without any additional cost

Walkie-talkie Rental for Road Transport

Ensure fluidity and the smooth flow of goods to your customers by ensuring access to information in real time. The road transport industry requires drivers and truckers who must communicate permanently, quickly and easily over long distances.

At Accès Radio, our two-way radio solutions optimize your communications throughout the supply chain of goods, to your customers. Our Motorola two-way radio solutions allow more precise and punctual delivery, while improving the safety of your teams and meeting regulatory requirements. With Accès Radio communication solutions tailored to your needs, meet your deadlines securely and guarantee quality customer service.

Walkie-talkie Rental for School Transport

Improve your school transport network coverage, strengthen the safety of your drivers and passengers with reliable and fast communication solutions, which ensure the smooth running of your daily activities.

Motorola radio solutions guarantee you a reliable communication network to guarantee the punctuality of buses or to respond to an incident. Appropriate equipment for real-time monitoring and management of your system helps you anticipate problems before they become emergencies.

By sharing important information, you coordinate your teams perfectly, optimize the efficiency of your transport network and passenger satisfaction. With Accès Radio communication solutions tailored to your needs, ensure flawless security and punctuality.


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Solutions for effective communication

Two-way Motorola radios are an ideal solution for the businesses of transporting people and transporting goods. Our two-way digital radio rental program is an excellent solution for companies of the transportation sector, with many technical advantages in addition to certain tax benefits. With this program, faulty devices will be replaced by a functional device within 24 hours. No downtime, no puzzles ... we take care of the equipment, you focus on your operations.

Motorola best walkie-talkies for the transportation sector

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