Access Communications Digital Network

Accès Communications has a two-way digital network: Motorola's MotoTRBO Connect Plus. Our network consists of several communication towers throughout Quebec and Ontario, all connected through an IP Backbone which allows for seamless communication over the entire network.

The Motorola  Connect Plus radio system can support a high volume of communications over a vast area to adapt to your expectations. Whatever the level of required coverage, from single or multiple sites, Motorola's Connect Plus solution will meet your communications needs. Your teams can communicate with each other or with your central services, and they can use data applications to increase their effectiveness and their safety. These applications include text messaging, geo-location and telemetry. TDMA digital technology offers other advantages, such as increased capacity and exceptional audio quality.

The digital technology developed by Motorola offers several other benefits:

Increased availability of communications through a dynamic assignment of the system

Simplified management allows the activation and deactivation of equipment

• High security: three levels of control that prevent non-authorized users from accessing the network.

 No interruption of your communications throughout the redundant back-up of infrastructure facilities.

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Mobile and portable coverage

Mobile coverage

Portable coverage

Distribution center

Computerized distribution and dispatch center combined with our MotoTRBO communication networks makes us an indispensable tool.

MotoTRBO application options:

  • Historical and itineraries of location
  • Radio's status  (radio service / out of service, GPS in service/off service, alarms)
  • Regions: Geo-location and current speed
  • Custom maps (Open StreetMap, MapQuest, Transport, Landscape)
  • Search for a specific address
  • Request event-specific information
  • View the location and condition of a vehicle
  • Various reports about your fleet of vehicles
  • Text messaging

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