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Two-way radios rental services

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Rental of two-way radios

A leader and recognized specialist in the radiocommunication industry and two-way radios rental services, Accès Communications meets the needs of businesses, public safety and various levels of government.

Being a major distributor of Motorola products, Accès Communications is renowned for his solid expertise. Whether you need a first communications system, a shared resource system, a security system, a point-to-point wireless system or a few specialized networks, Access Communications does!

We offer a flexible "talkie-walkie" radio rental program through our inventory of more than 16,000 units and accessories.

  • Daily / weekly or monthly rate
  • Service 7 days a week
  • Delivery and service on your site
  • Instant delivery

Online store

We offer in our online store a wide range of telecommunications products.

In addition to many models of bidirectional radios, you will find all the accessories and useful devices. We hold the largest brands in inventory including Motorola devices, industry leader.

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