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Walkie-Talkie Rental & VHF Radios in Laval

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Accès Communications will be your best partner in your next two-way radios and walkie-talkies rental in Laval. We want to provide the best support and service so that you can focus on your event or the management of your company. We will take care of communication and logistics. Contact our team of radio / walkie-talkie rental experts to customize a radio solution tailored to your needs.

Among our missions: Equip transport teams and bus drivers, facilitate the organization of cultural events, ensure communication during concerts while providing hearing protection to security teams, allow firefighters and police officers to communicate in emergency situations. Accès Communications offers a wide range of mobile and portable radios, headphones and headphones, walkie-talkie accessories for all needs. You can also request a personalized quote!

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Benefit from the many advantages to work with Accès Communications on for your walkie-talkies and two-way radios rental :

Easy to budget
Using your operating budget
Tax deduction of up to 100% of the total price of your rental
Keep the most of your cash flow for your expansion projects
No maintenance and repair additional fees
Easy exchange and replacement policy, without any additional cost

Collaborate with radio communication experts in Laval

Accès Communications, Walkie-Talikie and VHF Radios Rental in Laval, has been offering radiocommunication solutions since 1996. We have supported many companies and events to grow and prosper in North America. All these results truly represent our pride!

We are a team of experts in two-way radio rental in Laval. Indeed, the strength of our organization lies in listening and collaborating with the customer in its expectations. We want to offer you a high-end radio service that perfectly matches your requirements.

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