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The 3 walkie-talkie accessories to their full potential

March 25, 2020
3 minutes

Whether you work on a construction site, in a manufacturing warehouse, in large areas of forestry operations or are outdoors, two-way radio solutions ensure an optimal and reliable communication system.
The accessories accompanying them are just as necessary to exploit the full potential of walkie-talkies and thus work intelligently. With these accessories, your teams will be able to coordinate perfectly.

1. Headsets and Earphone for Walkies-Talkies

Earphones and headsets allow discreet and hands-free communication.
Not all headsets and earphones are suitable for all walkie-talkies. Standard headsets and earpieces only transport sounds emitted by one side of the speakers. For this reason, specific headsets or earphones are necessary. Since it’s a two-way communication, any headset can’t be up for this task. The headset must not only receive, but also convey the message.
To find the device that best suits your needs, compare the different options:


This device is renowned for its discretion. Also, it usually is made of transparent material, that makes the earphone almost invisible. It is the ideal accessory for security professions or in sensible sectors that demand privacy (army, police, hunting, wildlife observation, etc.). Our Earphones are equipped of PTT (Push-To-Talk) button, for manual activation.

Micro Speaker

Securely placed on the shoulder, they allow you to communicate clearly and securely while having your hands free (avoid manipulation of buttons). It is the ideal accessory in construction siteswarehouses, or in outdoor activities such as mountaineering, skiing, motorcycling.


Headsets are part of an essential equipment for noisy environments. They are also the number one solution for extended use of an audio 2-way radio communication because they provide a comfortable wear throughout the day. Designed with a built-in microphone, a walkie-talkie headset offers a better power and sound quality than earphones. In addition, headsets are the best option in terms of stability, they stay right in place!

Headsets are the best devices to choose when the environment is noisy. Closed headsets curb air inside each ear pod, maintain a healthy sound level and offer a better acoustic insulation from surrounding noise (at least 20 dB of attenuation). The open headsets do not offer sound insulation but offer a certain level of listening comfort. So this is a question of usage and preferences.


2. Walkie-Talkies Chargers and Batteries

What’s more frustrating than running out of battery during your outdoor adventure or in the middle of a working day! The autonomy of the walkie-talkie has to be a factor to consider before purchasing a set.

At Accès Radio, we recommend different devices and batteries depending on your needs. The autonomy of your two-way radio also depends on the type of use you make of it. These two factors will therefore affect the autonomy of your walkie-talkie.
In the meantime, here are some good tips that will allow radio amateurs to extend the cycle time of their device:

Reduce the transmission time of your communication, thanks to the precision, clarity and brevity of your messages;
Deactivate the rarely used functions: when they are being used, functions like GPS systems consume a lot of energy. Deactivate them.
Adapt the needs when purchasing the walkie-talkie to your use: is a large, brightly lit LCD screen really necessary?
Avoid charging the walkie-talkie all night long.


3. Transport accessories for Walkies-Talkies

Although most walkies-talkies meet waterproof standards that protect them from dust, water and humidity, the devices are not immune to shock from its daily use. A wrong movement could damage internal ou external components, such as the antenna, the LCD screen, the buttons, the speaker or the microphone. So, it is appropriate to prevent breakage with covers for walkie-talkie. A cover designed for your walkie-talkie prevents water or dust infiltration, screen scratches,  breakage or the accumulation of dirt and dust on the keys.

The walkie-talkie holder is also an essential accessory for safe use outdoors. When paired with a remote speaker microphone or other audio accessory, you can keep the radio in the clip on your belt, shoulder, or chest safely during communication and perform communications without having to remove it from the walkie-talkie holder. Once again, the walkie-talkie holder helps you avoid the risk of breakage due to shock.

These accessories allow you to extend the life of your walkie-talkie.

At Accès Radio, we offer all the accessories necessary for optimal use of your walkie-talkie. Please contact our advisers via the online form to choose the accessories that best suit your needs!


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