Film and video production and publicity

When shooting and producing films and commercials, you need reliable and secure communication.

High quality walkie-talkies adapted to your reality

The Film Industry has many needs depending on the project. From basic analog radio requiring 1 channel, to digitally encrypted radios with multi-channel operation, Accès Communications can supply it all. We can configure the two-way radios by encryption so that the paparazzi in the parking lot cannot hear private conversations. When renting two-way radios, Accès Communications provides you with the necessary walkie-talkie accessories. If you require a selection of discrete earpieces for on-set 'quiet’ communication, our advisors can provide you with the best walkie-talkie accessories to meet your needs.

Rental of walkie-talkies for filming and production of films and advertisements

Our walkie-talkie rental program for production and movie and commercial companies will provide you with high quality Motorola analog and digital two-way radios. We have an inventory of 16,000 two-way radios at your disposal, guaranteeing you a short and long term response to your walkie-talkie needs, whatever the volume.

With our 24 hour exchange policy, you will have a fresh functional piece of equipment sent out to replace any faulty equipment within 24 hours. No downtime, no headaches… we focus on the radios, you focus on your film & television projects.

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Key features for the film & television industry

• 24 hour exchange policy
• No downtime, no headaches
• Inventory of over 16,000 reliable radio units and accessories
• Quick delivery
• Complete ranges of accessories and radios
• Frequency availability
• Ergonomics of equipment
• Supply flexibility
• Installation
• Encryption

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