Film and video production and publicity

The Film Industry has many needs depending on the project. From basic analog radio requiring 1 channel, to digitally encrypted radios with multi-channel operation, Accès Communications can supply it all. Accès Communications can set up enhanced encryption so that the paparazzi listening in the parking lot will have nothing to hang on to. Furthermore, should you require a selection of discrete ear pieces for on-set 'quiet’ communication, Accès Communications has a full line of accessories to fit the bill.

With our 24 hour exchange policy, you will have a fresh functional piece of equipment sent out to replace any faulty equipment within 24 hours. No downtime, no headaches… we focus on the radios, you focus on your film & television projects.

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Key features for the film & television industry

• 24 hour exchange policy
• No downtime, no headaches
• Inventory of over 16,000 reliable radio units and accessories

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