Municipal and Government

The integration of our knowledge in the field of digital technologies, the Internet and geo positioning is part of the expertise of our company.

As telecommunications specialists, Accès Communications will meet the needs of various levels of government across the country. Accès Communications has the knowledge to carry out large-scale projects. We provide specialized and secure equipment, such as APCO25 digital equipment, robust bi-directional radios or off-the-shelf computers. The network is provided by EADS, a leader in interoperability. Accès Communications analyzes, designs and implements the communication system you need precisely to keep you on the cutting edge of technology

Let Accès Communications help you decide what equipment is right for you. With over 20 years of experience, 3 in-house engineers, 8 full-time technicians, and a full support staff, we can serve you in several areas. Accès Communications can offer a full line of commercial, professional and public safety radios for all your needs. We have it covered. We have worked closely with several government agencies from schools, to waterworks, police departments, emergency services, etc.

Our Government Rental Program will provide you with quality and rugged Motorola analog and digital radios, as well as a full line of Motorola accessories for any situation. Our fleet of over 16,000 radios allows us the ability to cover all of your radio needs no matter the volume.

With our exchange policy, you will have a fresh functional piece of equipment sent out to replace any faulty equipment within 24 hours. No downtime, no headaches… we focus on the radios, you focus on your operations.

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• Wave time available for rent
• Complete line of accessories 
• Big inventory for rapid equipment exchange
• Equipment demonstration and testing
• Installation
• Encryption

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