Walkie-Talkies and VHF UHF Radios Rental in Ottawa

You need to rent two-way UHF and VHF radios and walkie-talkies in Ottawa? Accès Communications has more than 16 000 devices and radiocommunication accessories available for rental.

Whether you need radiocommunication equipment on a short-term period or a long-term period, Accès Communications provides a full range of portable and mobile radios, as well as any other accessories you may need (walkie-talkies, two-way radios, UHF and VHF radios, etc.). Your communications will always stay entirely confidential and secured with a radio frequency assigned just for you for the entire length of your rental.


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Rental of the best radiocommunication technologies in Ottawa

When you choose Accès Communication for your rental of two-way radios and walkie-talkies in Ottawa, be ensured that you’ll have access to several innovative technologies. We consistently seek out for the newest tendencies and novelties in radiocommunications in order to provide you with the possibility to evolve with the technology during the entire length of your rental contract.

When you collaborate with Accès Communications for your two-way radios rental, UHF and VHF radios rentals and walkie-talkies rental in Ottawa, you also benefit from a full range of complementary services, such as an easy exchange policy, an always complete inventory and internationally known brands like Motorola. Furthermore, the delivery is free everywhere in the United States and Canada.


Why rent with Accès Communications in Ottawa?

  • Benefit from a tax deduction that can reach up to 100% of the rental price

  • Repair and maintenance included

  • Easily replace any broken devices or accessories

  • Optimize your operations

  • Get a simple and efficient radio inventory management tool

Learn more about all of our opportunities!

Ask for a quote and get an answer within 24 hours. For an urgent quote, please call 1-866-735-2424 and get your two-way VHF and UHF radios in Ottawa faster.


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