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Event walkie-talkies and their utility

May 19, 2020
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We don’t give much credit to where credit’s due. The success of just about any event, whether it be a sporting event or a wedding, resides in the ease and the speed of which information is relayed to one another. Security, medical emergencies and even something as simple as a food order can make or break the reputation of an otherwise good customer experience.

Most events of a certain size, or of a certain complexity, require communication devices such as two-way radios to ensure both the security and the quality of a given service. Clear communication solutions are a staple in good event management, and it will greatly minimize the impact of unforeseen events.


Two-way radios for events

Frequency bands and radio waves were used for quite some time, but are still a great reliable technology that has proven itself time and time again.

There are many types of events where bidirectional communication is used and is also quite necessary. Sporting events, festivals, concerts and weddings and outdoor medical centers are amongst the many others types of gatherings where UHF frequencies are used and deemed crucial for effective operation.


Sporting events

In many sports, the use of walkie-talkies have been around for as long as we can remember. Referees and officials for instance, coordinate with one another and speak with the use of said equipment.

Football coaches, use their helmets to communicate to the coaches in the upstairs booth and with the quarterback, on offense, and the defensive captain in certain select moments of the match.

In formula 1, just about everyone involved in the sport wear protective ear headsets equipped with mobile radio technology. The loud sounds on the racetrack make it nearly impossible to effectively communicate with one another and these said headsets mitigate the surrounding sounds all while allowing clear communication.

It is also to note that medical emergencies occur quite often in all types of sports and medical staff in addition to security teams on-site make great use of two-way radio solutions in order to keep individuals safe and to respond with utmost urgency.


Festivals and concerts

One could argue that security and medical responsiveness is just about the utmost importance when it comes to keeping everyone safe at outdoor events where numerous individuals get together to enjoy their favorite artists.

Amidst the chaos of an event admission section, security teams use 2 way radio handsets to communicate with one another at different points and relay crucial information.

We may not see it while attending a concert, but medical emergencies aren’t a rare occurrence at festivals. Medical teams are deployed throughout the venue to cover the grounds and rely heavily on radio communication devices to send and receive messages quickly.


Weddings and celebrations

Event planners too make great use of radio technology. They keep tabs on the multiple aspects of a wedding, and in doing so, ensures the proper event unfolding. Overseeing multiple facets as a small team or even alone is quite the daunting task.

Even with the best team, let’s be honest, sometimes things don’t go as planned. This reinforces the fact that radio communication is an absolute must when it comes down to tackling emergencies with the photographer or making last minute adjustments with the florist.

The clear communication these life-saving tools provide is not to be underestimated in event management as it can make or tarnish a business’ reputation.


Outdoor medical centers

As we’ve all witnessed recently due to the pandemic, multiple outdoor medical testing centers for Covid-19 were deployed all over the world in order to provide quick and efficient testing as per government regulations and public safety.

These big outdoor centers have a large influx of people, and given the social distancing guidelines, these folks have to be segmented and properly instructed in order to not contaminate. PTT radios are the ideal companions to ensure proper coordination, safety, and saves the hassle of having to cover ground to deliver a message.

Covid-19 aside, there are countless personnel that make great use of radio communication systems all over the world for medical purposes in quick deployment outdoor medical centers.

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