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How can two-way radios facilitate communications during an emergency?

December 15, 2020
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Crisis communication is part of many safety plans, whether for school safetymunicipal or government safety, or for any other safety or emergency service.

There are many tools, technologies and measures to ensure safety in schools, in cities, in buildings with high traffic, etc. For example, we can include surveillance cameras, automated doors, alarms, emergency lighting, evacuation plans and much more. But without effective communications, the devices mentioned cannot be as effective as expected.

For example, if a fire breaks out, regardless of the alarms set up, the automatic extinguishers installed, the evacuation plan established, the emergency and security services will be much more effective in keeping the situation under control if the team members are able to communicate well with each other.

Two-way radios - or walkie-talkies - therefore appear to be the best solution for communicating in an emergency situation.



We are all equipped with instantaneous means of communication such as smartphones or megaphones in schools, for example. However, in an emergency situation these may be inaccessible or damaged, or the networks may be overloaded, rendering this type of communication ineffective.

It is to deal with these eventualities that walkie-talkies are a very good alternative (and solution!), Which guarantees good communication in order to ensure the safety of people. This is because licensed two-way radios use UHF and VHF radio frequencies. This is why they work when other methods of communication fail or are not accessible.

Obviously, it is not enough to have two-way radios to manage crisis circumstances. This requires knowing how to use and speak with walkie-talkies in order to communicate properly with emergency response teams to keep the situation under control.

On this subject, we invite you to read our blog article which gives advice and explanations on how to speak with a walkie-talkie.

Users of two-way radios are strongly advised to take training to learn how to communicate well via two-way radios. It is essential that the members of the security teams know how to communicate correctly with the emergency or response services. It is the ability to communicate correctly with security and response teams that will allow other tools, technologies or devices to exploit their full potential of utility.

For example, take the case of a fire in a school, the staff of the establishment can describe the places to the response teams, indicate to them the exits to access the establishment, etc. As for the first aid teams, they can in turn guide the school staff to get the students to safety quickly.

Two-way radios can therefore facilitate and ensure this communication between teams which is the key to resolving critical situations.

Two-way radios are also a good way to ensure safety in forestry, mining and oil operations. Find out more!



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