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Manufacturing Sector: Investing in two-way radio solutions for a competitive advantage

April 14, 2021
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For the past 30 years, the manufacturing industry has invested in complex machines designed to increase factory productivity. For manufacturers, it is a question of meeting customer expectations in a cost-effective manner by finding ever greater efficiency gains, despite an increased risk of accidents or downtime.

At the same time, opportunities such as two-way radio solutions are developing and opening new horizons of competitive differentiation. With Motorola two-way radio solutions, Accès Radio allows the manufacturing industry to:

  • Increase intra and inter-team efficiency
  • Reduce production downtime
  • Improve security
  • Provide better customer service



Improving communication within the team and between teams makes it possible to collaborate more effectively and work more securely.

As assembly lines are less and less exploited by workers, it is often lone worker who manage all the machines throughout the workshop. In the event of an injury, employee fall or in an emergency, next-generation Motorola two-way radios have “Lone Worker” and “Man Down” functions to alert the rest of the team that this person needs help. Motorola walkie-talkies provide rapid response to incidents to keep employees safe and reduce downtime.

Motorola communication technologies streamline operations by enabling the connection of work processes through the flow of important information and data. Indeed, transparent communication, within your teams and between your teams, allows you to free up resources and thus apply your employees to problem solving, to improving the quality of products and customer service, and thus gain competitiveness.



To improve the productivity of employees at work, it is essential to establish favorable conditions there.

Noisy machines, ventilators, loud alarms, etc. create noise pollution, impede communication and constitute a danger to the health of employees. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the health risks for employees in noisy environments which can lead to tinnitus and even irreversible hearing loss. The limits of noise exposure during working hours are defined according to the duration of exposure as well as by the sound intensity. ISO standard 1999 (1990), Acoustics - Determination of noise exposure at work and estimation of noise-induced hearing damage, sets a maximum legal exposure limit of 85 dB for employees during an 8-hour day. And if the noise level is increased by 5 dB to reach 90 dB, the maximum exposure time drops to 4 hours. In addition, it should be mentioned that even 90 dB is well below the pain threshold (115 dB), so workers may not immediately realize that their hearing is damaged.

Source: https://www.ccohs.ca/oshanswers/phys_agents/exposure_ext.html

It therefore seems obvious that the wearing of hearing protection in the workplace is necessary. Ear protectors and basic ear plugs are often the first choice. However, they introduce their own safety concerns: by blocking their ears, employees reduce their awareness of the surrounding situation. They do not hear alarms and warnings and cannot interact effectively with their collaborators.

As suppliers to the manufacturing industryAccès Radio offers communication solutions to the manufacturing sector to not only protect workers from noise, but also to keep them connected for greater efficiency and safety.

Accès Radio offers robust wired headsets for your two-way radio, integrated into industrial noise canceling headsets. These headsets protect the hearing of your teams while ensuring a good connection to the radio system.
Our Motorola heavy-duty headsets incorporating 3M Peltor ™ hearing protection technology connect directly to your radio and have dual ear speakers, a boom microphone, and an easily accessible push-to-talk button. located on the earpiece. These headsets provide hearing protection in noisy environments while improving communication and productivity.



Accès Radio offers Motorola two-way radio solutions to reduce risks, improve productivity and provide better service to your customers. Thus, you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Two-way radio solutions provide instant, clear and precise communication, allowing you to:

  • Make employees more independent in their work
  • Encourage teamwork and intelligent collaboration
  • Integrate agile work processes

Two-way radio solutions provide a significant competitive advantage!

The main communication challenges for the manufacturing industry are network coverage, connection between employees and between teams, device durability and reliability, battery life and audio quality.
Renting two-way radios and associated accessories from Accès Radio can improve the safety of your teams while respecting the sector's regulatory requirements. In addition, the maintenance service at Accès Radio provides you with expert and reliable management of your communication devices, thus reducing the responsibility for maintenance and repair. Your costs are minimized, and you can keep your operations running with peace of mind.

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