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Motorolas radio rentals

August 26, 2019
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Motorola radios rentals

Accès Communications is your partner specialized in professional radiocommunication solutions, working with well-known brands. For over 20 years, we distribute a full range of Motorola radio products. We choose our products so they meet all of your radiocommunication needs. In addition to our Motorola radios available for rental, we offer other complementary products such as pagers, radio antennas, batteries, transport accessories, headphones, microphones, hands-free systems, etc.

To opt for Motorola radios is to opt for the ensured reliability of their performances, as well as their high durability and audio quality. Our Motorola portable radios can become a powerful tool to optimize the profitability of your company.


Rental and turnkey installation of your motorola radio products

Accès Communications is a certified company that offer an individual support for a turnkey installation of your Motorola radio products. We adapt our solutions to your line of business, and we aim to always find the best solution that fit your needs.

We can assist you in your digital transition with our complete inventory that evolves with your needs. We aim to always maintain the good functioning of your operations. With Accès Communications, you can evolve at the same rhythm as the technology for all the length of your Motorola radios rental contract.


Learn more about our walkie-talkies and motorola devices and benefit from our rental service

  • Motorola MotoTRBO portable digital radio :
    CP 200d, DTR650, XPR SERIE 3000, XPR SERIE 6000, XPR SERIE 7000, SERIE SL, UHF, VHF, 800 MHZ,
  • Motorola portable analog radio :
    CP 200, HT750, HT1250, MTX850, MTX950, UHF, VHF, 800 et 900 MHZ
  • Motorola MotoTRBO mobile digital radio:
    XPR SERIE 4000, XPR SERIE 5000
  • Motorola radio repeater:
    MTR 3000, XPR 8400, XPR 8480, SLR 5700, SLR 8000, SLR1000


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