Motorola walkie talkie rental services - Special Events

Our 20+ years of experience in the event-planning industry have allowed us to assist thousands of events across North America.

With an inventory of over 16,000 portable and mobile communication devices, Accès Communications is at your service. Proposals for your event will be 'tailor-made': starting with the selection of specific devices to the configuration and implementation of a broad radio communication network. Rest assured that with our team of professionals and Motorola portable and mobile radios, you are in good hands.

Our exceptional customer service team will fulfill your last minute's requests. Is it Friday 5 pm and you need radio equipment for this weekend? We are here for you to ensure successful communications for your event.

Our event rental program includes exchanges for any faulty equipment within 24 hours and offers you a full range of Motorola products and accessories. No downtime, no headaches.

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  • Airtime, Wide Area Coverage, for events that require more than simplex coverage
  • Complete series of accessories for each mobile or portable radio
  • Diverse inventory
  • Demonstration of any equipment adapted to your event
  • Tests done by professionals before your event (coverage test and equipment features test).

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