Golf, Ski and Outdoors Walkie-Talkie Rental

Choose Accès Communications for the rental of two-way radio for all your golf course communication needs. For over 20 years, Accès Communication has been providing effective communication solutions to golf clubs, ski centers and other outdoor activity centers.

We have several golf courses and clubs around North America who require good solid communication throughout their golf course from the clubhouse to the ends of each hole. Accès Communications can offer you a full line of Motorola commercial or professional radios that can allow your communication system to be reliable. 

Ski hills and ski resorts have many types of different systems from simplex to trunking, VHF to 800 MHz, Analog to Digital. Fortunately, Accès Communications has the knowhow, and the inventory to provide equipment on any network. Our Motorola radio solutions are suitable for extreme uses, integrate geolocation and meet waterproofing standards. Our walkie-talkies are therefore protected from dust, water, snow and humidity. They are also resistant to shocks linked to their use. We provide accessories adapted to each walkie-talkie for optimal use. Accès Communications outfits several ski establishments from Tennessee, to Colorado, to British Columbia and Quebec.

At Accès Communication, we rent Motorola walkie-talkies, products renowned for their robustness and reliability. We are recognized for our solid technical expertise.

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Motorola products geared for the outdoor industry

Waris series portable radio by Motorola :
HT750, HT1250, MTX850, MTX950 
MotoTrbo digital portable radio by Motorola :
MotoTrbo digital mobile radio by Motorola :

Communicate during your outdoor activities like golf, skiing thanks to the two-way radios of Accès Communication

Large open spaces, mountains are not always covered by the network. Long range walkie talkies are ideal for this type of environment. Contact our advisers, they will guide you in the choice of your two-way radios, on the quality and range of the signal, the autonomy of walkie talkies, the number of available frequencies and the waterproofing of portable radios.

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