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Several clubs in North America have chosen Accès Communications as a supplier for all of their two-way radio communications and business needs since we provide top-notch radio communication with excellent voice clarity through each of the holes on the course to the clubhouse. To ensure reliable communication, Accès Communications puts forth an extensive range of commercial and professional Motorola radios.

Ski clubs use several radio systems, such as simplex, "trunking" systems, conventional, VHF and 800 MHz, analog and digital. Regardless of the network in place, Accès Communications’s full line of commercial and professional radios will have the radio equipment you require. We serve several ski resorts in North America: from British Colombia to the Maritimes.

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Motorola products geared for the outdoor industry

Motorola Portable Analog Series:
CP200, HT750, HT1250, MTX850, MTX950, UHF, VHF, 800 and 900 MHZ

Motorola MotoTRBO Digital Portable Radios:
CP200D, DTR650, XPR3000 series, XPR6000 series, XPR7000 series, SL Series, UHF, VHF, 800 MHZ,

Motorola MotoTRBO Digital Mobile Radios:

Motorola Repeaters:
MTR3000, XPR8400, XPR8480, SLR5700, SLR8000, SLR1000

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