UHF radio rental services - Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry often works in rugged and diverse environments, requiring heavy-duty equipment.

Productivity, team coordination, real-time supply represents only a small part of the challenges that this industry faces on a daily basis. Accès Communications, partnering with Motorola Solutions, has a team of consultants and technicians that have developed expertise fulfilling the expectations of our manufacturing customer base.

The latest generation of MotoTRBO digital system and product solutions has allowed our company to provide digital technologies with practical applications that seamlessly integrate with voice communications. While maintaining the high quality and robustness of a two-way radio, the arrival and integration of digital protocols have brought exciting features such as "man down," the "Loan Worker," text messages, GPS, and better audio quality.

Accès Communications understands that industrial radio communications require attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of robust and high-performance equipment use.

Main benefits of our rental Service for the manufacturing industry:

  •  Availability of inventory with intrinsically safety standards
  • Optional features available such as: 'Loan worker,' 'man-down,' GPS and text messaging
  • Minimum cost for periodic use
  • Easier to budget
  • Tax deduction up to 100% of the total of your rental contract
  • No repair or maintenance costs
  • Replacement of defective devices within 24 hrs
  • Use of your operating budget
  • Keep your operations functioning in an optimal manner

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Motorola products geared for the manufacturing industry

Waris series portable radio by Motorola :
HT750, HT1250, MTX850, MTX950 
MotoTrbo digital portable radio by Motorola :
MotoTrbo digital mobile radio by Motorola :

Our rental program, as well as our inventory of more than 16,000 radios, allows us to offer the solution to your communication needs, whether they are simple or complex.

Our exchange policy is an excellent solution for this kind of business. Defective devices are replaced by a functional unit within 24 hours. No downtime, or headaches: we take care of the equipment, so you focus on your operations.

Key features for the manufacturing industry:

• 24 hours replacement policy

• Optimum equipment fleet

• Inventory including more than 16,000 radios and reliable accessories

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