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Mountain & extreme use walkie-talkies rental

August 10, 2019
2 minutes

Accès Communications is your certified expert in the supply and rental of radiocommunication devices (walkie-talkies, VHF radios, two-way radios).

For over 20 years now, Accès Communications provides to the businesses the means to communicate in difficult environments and extreme conditions. Different industries as the petroleum, forestry and transportation industries, as well as the rescue services trust Accès Communications to provide reliable and powerful equipment in every circumstance.

Being a major distributor of Motorola products, Accès Communications is known for its strong technical expertise and for the quality of its team of dynamic and professional advisors.


Long-range “Mountain“ walkie-talkies

Mobile networks are always more performing, but some remote mountain zones aren’t covered. Our long-range “Mountain“ walkie-talkies are perfectly adapted to this type of environment and tackle perfectly the problem.

Our team assists you when you proceed with the acquisition of your radiocommunication devices. We provide useful information about the quality of the signal, the number of available frequencies, the distance covered, the autonomy of the radios and the solidity and waterproofness of the portable radios.


Benefit from the many advantages to work with Accès Communications for your walkie-talkies and two-way radios rental

  • Easy to budget
  • Over 16 000 radios in inventory
  • Using your operating budget
  • No maintenance and repair additional fees
  • Analog and digital technology available
  • Tax deduction of up to 100% of the total price of your rental
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Ensure the optimal performances of your operations
  • Manage your own radio inventory on the online platform
  • Keep the most of your cash flow for your expansion projects
  • All devices are guaranteed for the total length of the contract
  • Easy exchange and replacement policy, without any additional cost
  • Get the opportunity to evolve with the technology during the entire length of your contract.

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