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The walkie-talkie antenna

February 10, 2022
2 minutes

Increase the range of your walkie-talkie

The transmission range of your radio system is of the utmost importance when making your choice of walkies-talkies. Whether for occasional use for your outdoor activities, or for professionals in the forestry, mining and petroleum or construction sectors, users are faced with a fundamental issue, that of owning long-range walkie-talkies, capable of providing them with reliable and clear wireless communications at all times.


The walkie-talkie antenna: decisive element in transmission range

The transmission range of a two-way radio - or walkie-talkie - depends on several factors. Beyond the power of the transmitter, the sensitivity of the receiver, the environment and interference, the transmission range is mainly defined according to the antenna applied to the walkie-talkie.

In that way, the antenna's transmission range is a fundamental criterion when making your choice of walkie-talkie.

The transmission range of a walkie-talkie varies depending on the environment in which the radio amateurs find themselves. The transmission range will be reduced due to the obstacles encountered by radio waves between the walkie-talkies of the same communications team. The following are the types of obstacles that radio waves can encounter and cause the range of your radio systems to decrease:

  • The topology of the places (hills, mountains, valleys);
  • Vegetation (forests, trees);
  • Human constructions (buildings, electricity pylons, houses, bridges, poles);
  • The moisture in the atmosphere.

Regarding two-way radios, the waves travel in a straight line. Their range will therefore be blocked whenever the radio signal encounters buildings, hills or any other natural or man-made obstacle.

In order to avoid obstacles, it is therefore important that the antenna is as high as possible. The user can then increase the transmission range with a telescopic antenna or position themselves on the roof of a building, a hill, etc.


The criteria for choosing an antenna to boost the transmission range

The length of the antenna is a fundamental element in allowing you to customize the transmission range of your radio system. In fact, the longer the antenna, the greater the transmission range of the walkie-talkie will be, so the easier it will be for the walkie-talkie to pick up communication signals over greater distances.

When renting two-way radios, it is very easy to measure the performance of the transmitter and receiver of your Motorola walkie-talkies. The antenna test is a bit more complicated, especially for UHF VHF radios.

Finally, if you want to increase the range of your walkie-talkies, we advise you to remain relatively careful and contact professionals in the sector. In fact, the walkie-talkie models intended for a particular use for your leisure activities can create interference on the frequencies used by the emergency services or the police services.

Each use, whether occasional or professional, has its reality on the ground. It is best to clearly define your transmission range needs.

You can contact a team of professionals, who will advise you on the right antenna to choose for your two-way radios. She can help you define your needs and offer you walkie-talkies and their antenna that are best suited to your wireless communication environment.


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