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What are the best accessories for two-way radios?

September 30, 2021
3 minutes

To fully understand the advanced capabilities of two-way radios, one must first understand their basic mode of operation and uses. Walkie-talkies are essential tools for the daily work of millions of people. Whether managing the security of a large event or making long-distance communications with a certain level of clarity, these tools are essential and can be adapted to certain environments or work tasks.

There are several types of accessories that a person can combine with their radio communication devices. Below you will find various types of accessories that can increase the quality of exchanges between your colleagues or even accentuate the ergonomics of your daily tasks.


Adding an antenna to your walkie-talkie is a simple solution to increase the quality of communications, no matter where your work takes you. The UHF and VHF broadband radio antennas cover an entire band, not just a portion. Often these solutions are suitable for environments with great difficulty of reception or for long-distance operations. Of course, you have to choose the right antenna length so that it does not get caught in your clothes! Contact our team to learn more.


Most batteries have enough energy to run a two-way radio for one shift. On the other hand, if an emergency arises and the use of the device must be prolonged, this battery will probably not be sufficient. The usefulness of a backup battery should not be overlooked.  However, there are fast, multi-port chargers that exist to minimize downtime and reduce charging time. It is an investment to consider since in the long run, this represents a great reduction in downtime and thus, money.


External PTT buttons are tools that are often used in emergency vehicles, especially ambulances. The driver can speak with the two-way radio without having to take their hands off the wheel. Most of the time, these devices are attached to the steering wheel of a vehicle or close to the foot for more discretion.


These two-way radio accessories are not part of the operation of the device itself, but are undoubtedly an indispensable asset for their ergonomic operation. The idea is to be able to carry the radio with you, but without it being in the way. There are several models on the market constructed of nylon or leather to accommodate any device.


This external button device allows the use of the two-way radio quickly and efficiently. You must certainly have noticed at some point in your life that the police use this type of device on the daily. By only having to press a button to communicate, this method eliminates the need to pull out the radio. There are various models that are more suited to certain situations than others, such as intense cold or noisy environments.


These accessories are, in our opinion, some of the most widely used among all areas of work. There are several types of headsets and earphones for the plethora of uses and special needs of many industries.

The classic example of a discrete solution is the device used by security guards. We've all seen the little earpiece hidden in the ear cavity, followed by a coiled wire that hides in clothing.
Sports fans can also confirm that in F1 the team members all wear headsets which also help to attenuate ambient sound. We also find these big helmets on the heads of coaches in the NFL.

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